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GutterGlove FAQ

Q: Will the GutterGlove product work with my roof?

A: GutterGlove will work with shallow or extreme pitch and most residential roofing materials – the usual composite shingles as well as cedar shakes, metal and tile (flat or Spanish).


Q: Will it work over my existing gutters?

A: If your gutters are sound – aluminum, steel, copper, vinyl, even wood—we can fit the GutterGlove panels and seal your gutters entirely.


Q: What if my gutters are not sound?

A: We’ll inspect your gutters and report on what we find. In most cases we can clean, refasten and reseal and then protect them with GutterGlove. If your gutters are beyond saving, we’ll replace them. All our crews are equipped to install top-grade seamless gutters, attached with the best blind hangers. Lots of color options to choose from.

Q: What sizes and shapes of gutters does GutterGlove fit?

A: GutterGlove can be fitted to most sizes and shapes, 4/5 inches and 6/7 inches, fascia, half-round, ogee and, of course, K style, the most common.

Q: Won’t pine needles stick in the mesh like a porcupine?

A: The wire of the GutterGlove mesh is heaviest in the category. It defies piercing and tearing. The openings are large enough to let pollen flush through but small enough to stop the finest pine needles from penetrating. Years in service have proven this to be the optimum mesh weight.

Q: If GutterGlove is made of surgical stainless steel mesh over anodized aluminum, will those dissimilar metals in contact accelerate corrosion?

A: No. Round-the-world racing yachts are often equipped with anodized aluminum spars supported by stainless steel stays. They stand up to a corrosive saltwater environment and the punishment of Cape Horn.

Q: Do you sell your panels to the do-it-yourselfer?

A: At one time we did and the only homeowner complaints we ever received were related to the installation. Now GutterGlove is always professionally installed. No more homeowner complaints.

Q: My research has found two other companies that claim to be the gutter protector ranked best by the leading consumer labs. Who am I to believe?

A: Yourself. Do your own research on the category report by the leading consumer labs. You’ll find that GutterGlove has the highest score for overall performance, durability and value.

Q: If there is a problem with the installation or the product, will I be charged for a service visit.

A: Never. (And we answer our phone 24/7.)

Q: Will installing your system void my roof warranty?

A: Our installers are trained to install the GutterGlove system so that shingle warranties are not compromised.

Q: Will it add value to my home?

A: Real estate agents say that the top-ranked maintenance-free gutter protector with a life-time transferrable warranty is a powerful plus to any listing in the Atlanta/ North Georgia market.


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